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Pulp Fiction

An incredibly entertaining flick
Looneymanthegreat - wrote on 04/02/13

Everyone likes Pulp Fiction, and I resisted for the longest time. I had seen Kill Bill, I had seen Death Proof and I thought they were both kind of lame, how good could this other Quentin Tarantino flick be? I kind of thought of it as a gangster version of Forest Gump, a movie that everyone loves despite the fact that it is actually kind of dumb. At least that’s what I thought of it before I watched it.

Pulp Fiction is one of the few modern movies that I think deserves every bit of critical acclaim and IMDB top 250ing that it has gotten. It is incredibly awesome. I know a lot of people go to Fight Club for their manly art-house fix, but I’ve always preferred Pulp Fiction.

I am actually kind of in awe of this movie and how beyond typical analysis it actually is. Tarantino’s rambling dialogue should get annoying after a little while, like it does in a few of his other movies, but it doesn’t. The multiple plots that often have nothing to very little to do with one another should be obnoxious to the point of being hard to watch, but instead it’s ungodly entertaining. There has never been another movie to do something like this to such an extreme and yet still make it work so well.

Quentin Tarantino is almost certainly a genius, if maybe a misguided one. I would think that this movie was a fluke if I didn’t like most of his other movies as well. The fact that Tarantino is able to make so many consistently good movies seems to imply that he has some kind of magical movie making power that the rest of the world has not yet discovered; power which he is almost certainly using for evil.

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