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The Magnificent Seven (1960)

Not Seven Samurai, but Still Epic
FSUNoles27TS - wrote on 01/05/13

It is hard to review this movie without referring or comparing it to 'The Seven Samurai'. This movie did the best job a Western could do as a remake of the Seven Samurai. In tone and character it matches or even exceeds that of the original. In other aspects it fails to live up to the original. One of my most favorite aspects of the original were the multiple attacks by the bandits. It caused for more of a battle-type movie. I also loved how this allowed for a countdown of the enemies left attacking. One of the most memorable scenes of the original were the nightly crossing-out of enemies. This movie could have kept the same aspect, but it chose not to. I didn't personally favor the way the first battle happened. I would have rather had them keep the surprise attack factor. One thing the movie could not help leaving out was the hunt for guns. In the original, one of the goals was to get the bandit's firearms, to take away their range, so that the samurai could do what they do best. The theme of dying technology was great. You could not have that theme in this film.

When not taking into account the original; this movie is amazing and should be seen by everybody.

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