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X-Men: Days of Future Past

Another good but not great entry into franchise
Lee - wrote on 07/04/14

With much anticipation as it alongside "The Amazing Spiderman 2" were the only 2 movies I wanted to see this year(2014) I finally got to see "D.O.F.P" and I will say it was good however I prefer it's predecessor "First Class" more. Back are the cast alongside their older selves this time to fight side by side against an enemy named Trask (Game Of Thrones star Peter Dinklage) who has scientifically designed robots who have the power to sniff out mutants scattered throughout the human race and then destroy them. During the future Trask's mutant killers are the real deal and have been attacking Xavier's(Patrick Stewart) mutant school. Xavier along with Eric aka Magneto (through me for a loop as well) who are now working together??? send Wolverine(Hugh Jackman) back through time to '73 to try along with the younger versions of the mutants to attempt to stop Trask.

I thought "First Class" had way more action scenes and way more showings of the various mutant powers then "D.O.F.P" did and this film is loaded with storyline inconsistencies (If you surf around the web you will see lots of pages with possible answers to these mysteries... If you are a fan of the X-men franchise much like myself, you should enjoy this.

B.t.w. According to a recent interview with director Bryan Singer..the next film in the franchise will be entitled "X-men Apocalypse " due out in 2016.

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