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The Host (2013)

Another great from author Meyer
Lee - wrote on 04/23/13

I know a lot of my male followers will condemn me for saluting author Stephanie Meyer however I cannot deny enjoying both her books and the big screen movie adaptations of them as well. Although not having read The Host this movie is no exception as it has originality qualities something that is lacking in film in this day and age.

The storyline is as follows; An alien species in the form of parasites have invaded earth and most of the human species eliminating any evil feelings of war, hatred you name it....earth has become for the first time peaceful. There are a few humans left that are hunted down by the 'Souls' and converted. A few of these humans led by Uncle Jeb Stryder (William Hurt) now have a rebellion against the alien souls and are fighting for what is rightfully theirs to protect.... their emotions.

Enter the main character in this film Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) a human who along with her brother Jamie is on the run from being taken by the Seeker (Diane Kruger) she is captured and an alien by the name of the Wanderer is placed within Melanie's body. Most of the times when one of the 'souls' takes over a human, all human feelings cease and desist this is not the case with the body The Wanderer has taken over cause Melanie's spirit is alive and well within and fighting to get the alien that has stolen her body out.

Wanderer, later named by Uncle Jeb as simply 'Wanda' starts to listen to the internal Melanie which leads her to Melanie's Uncle Jeb's hidden camp which is hidden away in the desert, here Wanda starts to have feelings toward one boy whilst Melanie is fighting with her to stop as she has feelings for another...typical teenage fare? Maybe? however I was quite entertained by this film throughout and look forward to reading the printed edition soon. A good watch in my opinion!

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