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Not The Beatles movie i wanted to see...
Lee - wrote on 04/08/13

Never really seen a biopic on The Beatles and after discussing it with some coworkers on a smoke break one of them pointed me to this film which to me is not a biopic (As I wanted to see) but a story of the '5th' Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe and his relationship with then girlfriend and artist Astrid Kirchherr. Sutcliffe ended up leaving the band just before hitting it big to pursue his other passion...painting and who would shortly there after die due to a brain aneurysm brought on after getting beat up and hitting his head on a curb shortly after one of The Beatles gigs.

The reasons of initially watching this film was to see a Beatle biopic like I said originally, however was disappointed and left waiting till a half decent one gets made, if it ever does at all, This movie did have its bright points as the casting as Fab Four lookalikes was brilliant, even Stephen Dorff as Sutcliffe, although his acting job was sub par, the resemblance to the deceased Sutcliffe was uncanny. Especially British actor Gary Bakewell who portrayed Paul McCartney in the film who is also a dead ringer for the singer, did a bang on job (Bakewell also portrayed McCartney in the biopic done on Paul's now deceased wife Linda in made for TV film 'The Linda McCartney Story')

Overall it wasn't a bad film however like I said till an actual movie is made of The Beatles I still remain waiting in anticipation. Just so-so in my books.

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