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The Call (2013)

Finally WWE Studios makes an actual film!
Lee - wrote on 04/03/13

Well i will start this review by saying it's about damn time WWE Studios!!! Being a fan of the wrestling going;s on of the WWE since '85 or so, I as more than skeptical when I heard they were going to branch out their entertainment aspect of the business and start making movies. Being an avid movie buff, I was thinking to myself what the heck? If they have some good films I will be getting the best of both of my fave worlds...That was until i saw my very first WWE Studios produced film starring John Cena The Marine...Bleck!!! This lead to a bunch of completely horrible movies that i still sat through time and time again with hopes of seeing some of my favorite grapplers in co starring roles on the big screen. Paul Levesque aka HHH especially! Hah! His films lead the worst of the pack!!

This all seems to be changing as i recently viewed the trailer for this year's The Call starring Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin. Not only did the movie entertain me throughout it kept me on the edge of my seat as well. Storyline here is 911 operator Jordon Turner (Berry) is very good at her job however her career goes into a tailspin when she receives a call from a terrified girl who gets brutally murdered whilst being on the phone with Jordan. this causes Jordan to ask for a transfer to actually teaching the newbies in the biz on the how too's of the job. this is all fine and dandy until she is taking a new class of perspective 911 operators on a tour of the building and overhears yet another operator on the phone with yet another girl who this time is locked in the trunk of a car (Yes the Tragically Hip song did come to mind) It's not long before Jordan takes over the call and is frantically trying to get the girl to be noticed in the trunk so the cops, one of them her boyfriend, and his partner Jake Devans (Played by WWE Superstar David Otunga) ill actually know which car the abductee is calling from. The girl inside the car b.t.w. is young teenager Casey Welson (Abigail Breslin).

This leads us into a very intense thriller of cat and mouse as Jordon tries to beat the clock and her abductor and keep young Casey alive and well. I seem to think that the WWE Studios finally got it right this time cause they decided to hire top name actors instead of casting no names along with their wrestling roster. Maybe they decided to actually hire Hollywood writers for this project instead of relying on their WWE wrestling writers for a change? Either or..it worked for them!

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