Lee's Movie Review of Dead Alive ( Braindead )

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Dead Alive ( Braindead )

Wayy too cheesy for my taste
Lee - wrote on 03/31/13

Having heard on how great and gory this film was I got myself a copy..umm yeah? The movie itself is soo bad I will not even rate it a b film however that is where the comedic value comes in as the cheesy gore scenes at times had me breathless in laughter especially with the zombie baby that two of the zombies made together. The film is gory however keep in mind it was made years ago and the fx used would be so much better and nastier if it was made today.\

Hard to believe this film was directed by the same guy who brought forth The Lord Of The Rings series of films..Peter Jackson well I guess we all have to start somewhere don't we?

Storyline here is as follows... At the beginning of the film we see a crew out in what I believe his the darkest parts of Africa where they have just captured an Sumatran Rat Monkey. We see the monkey bite one of it's captors as to which the rest of the crew hack every bitten part of his body off with a machete as apparently one bite from this creature can cause you turn instantly into a zombie. The rat monkey creature gets sent to a zoo and ends up biting an elderly overbearing mother who is sneaking around watching her only son on a date. Think of Norman Bates here.

It's not long before his m,other and pretty much everyone who comes in contact with her are flesh craving zombies who her son Lionel, keeps all of them locked up in his mother's basement along with his mother of coarse.

It's a really bad movie that just might make you laugh with all of it's over the top cheesy effects.

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