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Chained Heat

A grown up Linda Blair...
Lee - wrote on 03/17/13

Thought about this one a while back and although watching it plenty of times within the 80's never really watched it since so it was time for a re-watch. I own this on Vhs so after blowing off the dust and placing it in my still used Vhs player I began. For those of you that follow and read my reviews (I love u all) you will know there are a 100 or so movies I will dub 'B' movies as they are, for those of you that don't know, movies that aren't the greatest in acting or storyline wise but I still love em to pieces.

This film was the first time seeing the child star from 73's The Exorcist Linda Blair as a teenager in a role (Blair was 24 at the time) Also the first time seeing her topless.....ummm yeah!

Linda Blair portrays Carol Henderson a young woman whose life is basically turned upside down after accidentally hitting and killing a man with her car as she is sent to the 'big house' upon arriving it all becomes real as upon being processed and being held in a holding cell she witnesses attacks, fights, even her fellow inmates to be, attack a transvestite man who obviously got missed by the guards and was put in the women's holding cell.

Upon being processed she immediately befriends fellow inmate Val who she tells she just wants to mind her own business, keep her nose clean and get her time over with as painlessly as possible. Kinda hard in a jail controlled by two rival gangs both whites and blacks. the white women are controlled by Erika (Sybil Danning) and the black's controlled by The Duchess (Tamara Dobson) both being pitted against each other by evil not well to do guards who enjoy the chaos. It's not long before
Carol is leading a riot to rid the prison of it's crappy management to finally get better living conditions in the prison. A good watch!

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