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Clerks II

This funny movie introduced me to Kevin Smith
Lee - wrote on 03/04/13

This is one of those films that i would've never rented or seen in the theatre on my own recognition however once seeing it now remains in my fave movies of all time list (#49 out of 100 to be exact) It is also the film that introduced me to Kevin Smith. Well the main reason for this weekends re-watch of this great and funny film was my son had yet to see it (He loved it too). Much like director Judd Apatow, Kevin Smith has a major niche for creating awesome dialogue between his charectors for example the scene in which Randall (Jeff Anderson) picks on a dork who comes in to Mooby's for some food and fellow co-worker and super nerd Elias Grover (Trevor Ferhman) for their love of The Lord Of The Rings movies saying thatt all 3 films are about the charectors walking aroun and that there is only one Saga that being Star Wars. Haing been a clerk at one time myself during my tenur with Roger's Video I have found myself in this same argument and couldn't agree with Randall more!

The movie itself centers around main charector Dante Hicks (Brian O'halloran) as he is about to leave Jersey for good with his fiancee Emma (Kevin Smith's real life wife Jennifer Schwalbach) to start a new life together..only thing is Mooby's manager Becky Scott (Rosario Dawson) has also got Dante's attention causing a little triangular cross fire with Dante being the rope in a game of tug o war.

Like i said fantastic dialogue and being one of the funniest films i have recalled seeing make this an instant hit a movie i can rewatch over and over usually always ending in the same result..almost peeing myself!

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