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Killing Them Softly

Impressive trailer but that's all she wrote!
Lee - wrote on 01/01/13

Yep one star is all this gets....Soo dissapointed after seeing the trailer and thinking this was gonna be , considering the cast involved that this was going to be a movie similar to what Scorcese puts out...bzzzzz! Wrong!!! What i got was a Hunter S. Thompsonesque view on a hit between two supposed hitmen one wasnt bad a.k.a. Brad Pitt's charector however the biggest dissapointment was James Gandolfini (A quite brilliant actor in my eyes) charector who after being brought in to do a job by Brad Pitt's charector (sorry dont care enough about this film to give charector names or anything) decides he just wants to drink and abuse hookers. Ok why was he brought in special for this job again?

Boring dialogue about one sided charectors that nobody gives a toss about. Sorry but maybe i should've read the George Higgin's novel that this film is based on "Cogan's Trade" as maybe it would make this dud more appealing? I for one wasn't impressed in the least!

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Daniel Corleone - wrote on 01/12/13 at 10:29 PM CT

Killing Them Softly Review comment

Such a shame Pitt usually picks good scripts/films. Guess not all novel based (which I didn't know) flicks work out. Would have rated it lower if it weren't for some technically skilled sequences of violence. Gandolfini and Liotta's talents were just wasted here huh?

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