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The Amazing Spider-Man

Fantastic reboot!
Lee - wrote on 10/21/12

When i first heard that yet another director's vison on the whole Spiderman story was in production i felt...yawnnnnn.. Spiderman being my fave of all superheros ever since i can remember makes me more partial to these films and having seen all the Sam Raimi trilogy...needless to say i figured Hollyweird had done it's course and had no interest in seeing it all over again. That's when, upon the release of director Marc Webb's vision, i started hearing a buzz on the internet about this updated project. Finally sat down and had a look at the film and it was damn impressive... Sam Raimi who?.. What we got here could be quite similar to the fame director Chris Nolan with his revamps on the Batman saga. More realism..better script...better cast. Missing in this however is any Daily Bugle activites and that means no Jonah Jameson...for now (Checking Imdb.com, i see that a sequel is already slated for 2014) What we end up getting in return is a fantastic adaptation of this story that has alleviated all doubts on remakes and reboots in my mind, bring them all on..i say! Its always refreshing to see something you have been looking at for a long while with someone else's eyes!

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