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X-Men: First Class

The mutant saga only gets better as it goes along!
Lee - wrote on 09/24/12

Yet another fantastic 2011 summer release! I have yet to see a bad movie about Proffessor Xavier and his band of mutants. Not only were they the #1 comic that i reached for as a child they are also the most exciting. The thing i most like about this franchise as it seems to get better and better as it progresses. This instalment being a prequel tells us alot about the origins of our favorite mutants. and how both of the good and bad alliances were originally formed. This is also packed full of CGI (CGI filled films will make me want to spend my hard earned dollar more then lets say a run of the mill basic action film. The story here begins with the clocks turning all the way back to the 60's during the missile crisis between US and Russia. As WW3 seems eminent both Magneto( Michael Fassbender who is a dead ringer for a younger Magneto the elder version was played by Ian Mckellan) and Xavier (James McAvoy) believe it or not both working together as the villain Sebastian Shaw (who is played brilliantly by Kevin Bacon) who plans on using his own mutant powers to use WW3 as a smokescreen to eliminate all the humans on the planet earth, making the planet inhabital for mutants only.

A great prequel which in my mind could be also used as a starter for even more prequels telling more of the mutant beginnings, that's if director Matthew Vaughn wants too?? Also in my opinion this is the best comic book adaptation to big screen that is presently going on and i only look forward to seeing hopefully many more!

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