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Conan the Barbarian (2011)

Better then Arnie's version????
Lee - wrote on 08/12/12

Being a fan of the original starring Arnold Scwartzenegger I was a little skeptical about watching this version as remakes in my mind usually suck! I'm always glad when i follow my gut instincts and decided to watch the film as i not only enjoyed it i found it better then the original!! And that my freinds is extremly rare! The storyline in the reboot i found told more then its predecessor. Mostly of the beginnings of Conan's life. If you are like me and love movies which pull no punches as far as the gore is concerned then mark this on your must see list asap!!

The villains in this were impressive and evil as all hell which is the way i like it actor Stephen Lang who plays the evil Khalar in this i find with every movie Lang is in that he is rapidly becoming one of the greats to cinematic villainy(is villainy a word? Will have to check this, sorry if it's not but it sounds cool dont it?) You might remember Lang playing the villains in Avatar, Terra Nova and Tombstone? Khalar's evil sidekick Marique played by evil greatness by Rose McGowan (Charmed, Planet Terror) needless to say i was very impressed by both of their performances within this.

Also cast in this as Conan's father Corin is Ron Perlman who is a great bit actor (Sons Of Anarchy, Hellboy Trilogy) Who didn't have alot of screen time but he rocked the bit that he did. Overall an impressive remake!

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