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The Dark Knight Rises

See it in a real IMAX, 70mm
MarkC - wrote on 07/25/12

Awesome production, cast, and soundtrack! I liked the ite in and some of the faithfulness to the comic story. I flinched and was forlorn at the straying away or lack of detail. But this is a long movie already at about 2 hours and 45 minutes. I liked that the Nolans filmed this with film and so much IMAX, like 70 minutes or more. I saw it first on a 70mm IMAX at it was awesome. The sound was so good, it blew me away. I had no problem following the dialogue. But then I saw it again on a regular digital screen and was so disappointed with the quality. The sound was quiet and nothing like it should have been played at. And I felt robbed that the sides, top and bottom of the screen were cut off because this really needs to be seen in 70mm IMAX. There are some complaints about the movie and I can totally see where the folks are coming from. There are also those who loved it, said it totally kicked ass, was their favorite in the Nolans made Dark Knight series, and some said this was possibly the best movie they have ever seen. Personally I like TDK better than TDKR, and also the Nolans' Inception. I still think Heath Ledger's death threw a monkey wrench into the story of third film as well as the ending of TDK that some say contradicts the values of TDKR. But I liked it a lot. Worth watching in IMAX, for sure.

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