kcvidkid's Movie Review of Doomsday

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Not quite the end of the world
kcvidkid - wrote on 09/15/08

A great (although familiar) concept, but after the initial set-up, it takes the road more travelled, favoring "Mad Max" elements rather than those of "28 Days/Weeks Later". But it does make for a fast-moving and entertaining adventure.

I thought we were pessimists, but those folks across the pond REALLY have a bleak outlook! Can't cure a disease? Then let's quarantine any affected and leave them to die. Problem is, some are immune. And we didn't think that they might carry the key to the cure.

I was confused by some scenes, although most everything was cleared-up by waiting for further clarification. Something that left me stumped, though: why do all the post-apolcalyptic societies embrace a punk appearance? I guess it's more exciting than suits and ties.

Skin rating = 2 (out of 4). There's lots of it, it's just tatooed and pierced.

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