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Hail, Caesar! (2016)

a movie that has no story - vanity filmaking
smeagol - wrote on 05/22/16

This movie has no proper story no proper end and seems like it was made just satisfy the writers and directors need to do some old skool movie scenes.
set around the move making of the 1950's george cloony plays a actor who is kidnapped by what turns out to be communists.
josh brolin plays the guy who fixes all the scandles and deals with all the problems with the stars and see's over the movie making business side, he is very good in this acting wise. but there is no more story to tell. it doesn't go anywhere. its just vanity film making , it looks good and the set pieces are cool but without a story its all pointless.
it ends and your left thinking why did they make it if not to just satisfy their own need to make some cool old time movie scenes.
there is humour in this but its subtle . its a film without a story , while it gives us a glimpse into that world back then it doesn't give us anything of value to get into , its a wasted opportunity with good direction set pieces and that cast. they should of waited for a proper story

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