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Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

not a bad as they say but not anywhere near great
smeagol - wrote on 04/02/15

a bigish movie based on the tale of moses
.at first when this started i thought it might be poor but its got better i got into it in the end. i think the critics might be being a little to harsh. though it is a big story to tell and if your going to do it you best do it well, and so i guess for that reason they are harsh as yes its not a great movie. but hey ive seen much worst.
my main gripe is arron paul is hardly in this. and christian bale who i think is one of the best actors working starts of a little out of place as moses but he wins me over by the end. but a better story and a better director would of helped.
scott for me is so over rated as a director who has a big attitude to match. all in all its nowhere near a great movie but its really not that bad. its ok/ish, worth watching once anyway i dont think you'd want to see it again.
with these biblical tales you need to feel the power and dread and fear of the unknown , this movie like crowe in noah never once shows that real feeling of dread.
there's locusts and frogs and all sorts coming but no one seems bothered. comon hollywood make it real
make us feel like it matters.
old films done it best but they were to corny and dramatic. maybe one day someone will make a epic thats biblical but feels edge of the seat real, scott is not the man for the job. you need breaking bad types .
all that said as a throwaway movie its ok. and something to watch it just isnt anywhere near what it hsould or could be.

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