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The Interview (2014)

As silly as the reaction or is it?
smeagol - wrote on 12/29/14

Well first of this is a very silly movie its more like annoying humour than actually being funny.
its a dodgy concept. for amovie to assinate someone in power who is actually in real life in power. its understandable for say bin laden or hitler. but when your mocking the current lunatic on the planet you are kind of going to far . , im sure if north korea released a film like this as obama as the villian there would be some talk also. but the north korean leader might actually like some of this film as he thinks americans are stupid and this film makes them out to be really really stupid.
i dont think seth rogan is leading man material he just is never convincing and seems out of place.
this a movie of man children thats just not funny.and is immature word play parading as humour.
on the plus side it looks good the prodcution is cool. and there are far worst movies. but me personally i was bored and couldn't wait for it to end.
at best its alright a ok movie. but i cant rate it as that for the sheer stupidity of it all.

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