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Godzilla (2014)

not impressed
smeagol - wrote on 08/26/14

I wasn't very impressed by this movie. iit started of well enough but then i got bored. Bryan cranston was good but i was very disappointed he wasn't in the whole movie. from then on it went downhill for me.
the guy who played his son was wooden as they come. his story was pretty poor to be honest predictable and been done before and you could of wrote it on a matchbox.
The monsters so to speak were more like tripods than actual creatures i wasn't impressed at all with them. also
no one seemed to be scared at all there was just no realisim. it was more of a visual movie of creatures stomping on buidings and fighing eachother more like transformers than godzilla.
The king kong remake was good and done well this one wasn't. it just lacked the actors the story and the realism. the effects though were great and if its a visual spectacle your looking to see on screen then its ok bt as far as movies go it was far too long and i was bored of seeing the same thing over and over. its like they thought of different things to show and done it but forgot to add a proper story.
shame as it started of really good but soon fell flat.
not once did you get any scary moments or thought wow godzilla is a beast. it was like watching robots fight

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