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Gangster Squad

two great actors yet a poor movie
smeagol - wrote on 03/26/13

With a great actor like sean penn & ryan gosling in this you would assume it would be a great film about gangsters. but it was a big let down, it has a very simple script sean penn is the mob boss bad guy and gosling is a cop who joins a group of cops with a mission to take him down.
you don't see much of what they done to cause penn so much trouble a lot is left to the viewer to figure out, there is no depth at all to the film. the love interest for gosling was pointless and led nowhere.
most of the scenes and dialogue was laughable. the ending was really poor, the last scene of the movie was just corny rubbish, the casting of the lead cop who runs the squad was poor he was just lifeless but so was everybody else to be fair.
real shame to see quality actors star in such a poor movie. one episode of boardwalk empire blows this movie away..

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