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Red Tails

MikePA - wrote on 04/13/12

I hated this movie. You have a handful of talented actors that aren't asked to do much, along with a laughably, horrendously cheesy script and underdeveloped characters. It's a shame because you have such a great, inspirational story put on display, but it's told in the completely wrong way. It reminded me a lot of Michael Bay's WW2 film Pearl Harbor, though this is much worse. Most of the performances are stale and unintentionally funny, the script is horrendous and corny beyond belief, and the movie, as a whole, is just a big, boring, joyless mess. Executive producer George Lucas (Star Wars) calls this movie his dream project, faithfully handing the script over to Anthony Hemingway so he can direct it. Lucas is really letting me down.

The aerial battle scenes lacked tension and excitement, which I believe people WANT to see in an action scene. Instead they were boring and tedious with glossy visuals and annoying characters shouting corny one-liners at each other through their masks, which got unbelievably irritating. The filmmakers clearly intended it on being popcorn entertainment, but there was nothing fun or exciting for me, personally, in this dull movie. One of the worst war movies I've ever seen.

1/4 (Skip It)

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