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Fred: The Movie

The Most Grating Film Ever Made
JLFM - wrote on 04/09/13

Less than a week ago, I watched and reviewed Battlefield Earth. I gave it the distinguished honor of being my least favorite film. However, now that I've seen Fred: The Movie, I take all of that back. I can't imagine a fate worse than being forced to watch this movie. Hands down the most obnoxious and annoying movie to ever be created, Fred: The Movie is an insult to humanity. I can't even believe how much I hate this movie.

Based off of the almost as annoying "Fred" videos on YouTube (which involve a teenage boy talking in an irritating high-pitched voice for 3 minute), Fred: The Movie has almost no plot. Fred is trying to find his girlfriend, Judy, and avoid Kevin the bully. That's the entire story.

Fred is unbearable in his 3 minute videos on YouTube, so this 82 minute film on the character is enough to drive someone crazy. Fred's voice chattering for nonstop made me want to yank my hair out. His high-pitched shriek (which he emits at least a dozen times throughout the film) must be the world's most annoying sound.

In the movie, Fred just comes off as a pervert. As do most of the other characters. I can't even believe that people went to the trouble to make this disaster of a film. This is the kind of film I just want to punch in the face. The kind of film that makes me want to break the screen. I am not a violent person, but this movie enraged me by how awful and downright obnoxious it is. Move over Justin Bieber; Fred is at least twice as annoying as you are.

The gags aren't funny. Most of them revolve around Fred's strange and childish mannerisms. We witness barfing almost a dozen times. I would call the humor (if it can even be called humor) annoying, except I've used that word way too many times in this movie. Same with obnoxious and irritating. I'd need a thesaurus that could tell me all the different ways to say "annoying" to effectively express this nauseatingly awful film. Heck, I don't even want to call it a film, because it's an insult to even the worst of cinema.

The acting, while admittedly better than that of Battlefield Earth, is just what you would expect from a group of talent-less teenagers. The entire cast is obnoxious, but Lucas Cruikshank takes the cake by portraying the most annoying movie character ever.

I don't think a movie has ever made me so angry. This is truly the worst film ever made. Unfunny, annoying, idiotic, and insulting, Fred: The Movie should be destroyed so no one can ever watch it again. Everyone involved with this production should be ashamed. Even just 5 minutes in, Fred: The Movie is a grating and disgustingly terrible excuse for a film. The only upside to this film, is that it can effectively be used as a meter to test your friend's taste in movies. If they laugh at any of the jokes in this movie, they have no taste.

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