JTurner's Movie Review of Porco Rosso ( Kurenai no buta )

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Porco Rosso ( Kurenai no buta )

Can pigs fly? You bet!
JTurner - wrote on 05/31/09

In what is probably Miyazaki's most unusual film to date, PORCO ROSSO tells the story of a disillusioned pilot who is cursed to live his life as a pig unless he can conquer his self-loathing. Much more slowgoing than Miyazaki's other films, this movie is geared more for grown-ups rather than children. But even having said that, PORCO ROSSO has a lot to make it worth "classic" status. The animation, as always, is top-notch, with breathtaking flight sequences and a believeable cast of characters, my favorite of which is Fio, a bright young engineer whose love for Porco plays a crucial part in their relationship. In addition to which, the English voice dubbing, as with Disney's other releases for Miyazaki's films, is fantastic, with Michael Keaton turning in a surprisingly good performance as the weary, yet stalwart hero of the piece. Susan Egan is a delightfully sultry Gina, and Cary Elwes has the time of his life as Porco's rival, a hotshot, boastful American pilot named Donald Curtis. Kimerly Williams-Paisley, however, takes the prize for "best acting" in the dub as Fio, the engineer; she brings a lot of energy and heart to the role and the chemistry between her and Keaton is a delight. Even better yet, the Japanese language track is included for purists and the French language track, which Miyazaki personally approved over his original cast.

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