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Blue Velvet

Take a deep breath!!!!!
MovieAddict - wrote on 01/20/13

Beautiful, disturbing, suspenseful, hypnotic!

Wide eyed college student Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) returns to his hometown of Lumberton, North Carolina when his father falls ill of stroke. While walking home from the hospital, he discovers a severed decaying human ear in a vacant lot, and with the help of sweet-as-pie all-American girl, Sandy Williams (Laura Dern), the daughter of the town sheriff tracks that ear to the gloomy Lincoln Street apartment of a sultry, seductive singer Dorothy Vallens, who, as played by Isabella Rossellini, seems both terrified and turned on.

Jeffrey ends up drawn into Dorothy's bizarre world - a world where she is being repeatedly sexually abused by her husband and young child's kidnapper, Frank Booth, a nitrous oxide huffing sadist who has a strange and violently sexual hold on Dorothy. He has a penchant for sudden and unpredictable violence and a fetish for Blue Velvet and beer, namely, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Visually amazing and genuinely scary! You have your tranquil, suburban existence full of normal folk. And then you have your deranged, violent, and perverted neighbors who like to terrorize the others.

Blue Velvet" is a lurid parable about innocence and evil that mystery/noir fans will find irresistible, but should also appeal to those that enjoy a walk on the wild side.

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Daniel Corleone - wrote on 01/20/13 at 09:50 PM CT

Blue Velvet Review comment

One of the director's best and one of mines from him as well. Cool review! If you want a preview of some of his films I got some reviews you can check out. Well done!

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