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Mulan (1998)

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MovieAddict - wrote on 12/29/12

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."

'Mulan' is set in medieval China. The Huns are invading, and by order of the Emperor one man from every household must serve in the army. In order to save her ailing father the trouble of fighting in another war, Mulan disguises herself as a boy and answers the call to arms to save her family's name. She is aided in her adventures by a comical dragon named Mushu, a lucky (or is it unlucky?) cricket, and three wise-cracking compatriots at arms.

I found it to be a beautiful movie that highlights a culture that has endured long because of its simplicity and deep values. The themes of honor and the search for one's destiny are very well explored through the adventures of the heroine Mulan. I loved the unforgettable quotes such as

"Though the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow before it"

"A girl like that does not happen every dynasty"

“I'll get that arrow, pretty boy, and I'll do it with my shirt *on*.”

And my favorite of them all: “The greatest gift and honor... is having you for a daughter.”

Yeah that one brought tears to my eyes.

There was a breathtaking shot of the Huns thundering down a snow-covered mountainside. Eddie Murphy is just right as the mini-dragon Mushu, and Mulan's grandmother has the best line, near the end: “Whoo! Sign me up for the next war.”
And I enjoyed the music. Some of my favorites being; I'll make a man out of you and A girl worth fighting for(simply hilarious).

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