MovieAddict's Movie Review of Lockout

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Decent action filled with great humor!
MovieAddict - wrote on 12/01/12

A prisoner, Snow (played by Guy Pearce) risks his life and limb to save the presidentís daughter Emilie (Takenís Maggie Grace), from MS: One, a maximum security prison filled with rapists, murderers, and other nasty people! Why??? Because he is falsely convicted and his one chance at obtaining freedom lies in finding his partner Mace (Tim Plester) who just so happens to be locked up on MS: One.

The movie starts out as a spy thriller, at least looks like it, but soon turns into a mixture of Escape from New York and Die Hard in space. Maggie Grace plays the damsel in distress on a humanitarian mission whoís in constant need of taking care of by our reluctant wisecracking hero but Snowís sarcastic, flippant attitude hides his heart of gold and it is inevitable that the sparks will fly between these two as they bicker with each other while avoiding gunfire and various threats against their lives.

Guy Pearce as Snow is an absolute riot in the lead role. He is brash, overly confident, and completely unapologetic which, of course, makes him exceedingly appealing to me. Iíve also liked him from L.A Confidential and here he looks quite buff. All in all itís a decent afternoon's entertainment.

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