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The Fighter (2010)

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MovieAddict - wrote on 05/16/12

Mark Wahlberg excels as the up and coming boxer struggling with a stuttering boxing career and living in the limelight of his older brother Dickie (Christian Bale) who trains and manages him with the best intentions, yet with no clout to take Micky into the bigger leagues where he belongs. His mother, Alice, (Melissa Leo) who runs the family with an iron fist, refuses to recognize it, as does her husband, George Ward (Jack McGee) and his gaggle of sisters (too many to mention). Alice only seems interested in promoting Dicky which doesn't help matters. Micky meets a brazen barmaid, Charlene (Amy Adams) and they start to see each other, she is strong-willed, just like his mother, and you can see conflict coming. After his brother's incarceration Charlene convinces him to change managers, which puts him back on an unprecedented winning- streak, leading to a title shot but how will his family react…..

Mark Wahlberg is solid and deep, Christian Bale is superb as the gaunt, emaciated junkie and Amy Adams is ferocious and aggressive (not afraid to take a stand). Together they make the story fantastically watchable. A heart-wrenching story about love, perseverance, forgiveness, and family as much as the boxing. I do enjoy films, when a hero starts with nothing, risks everything and in the end after enormous effort he can achieve his goal.

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Daniel Corleone - wrote on 05/19/12 at 07:31 AM CT

The Fighter Review comment

Sweet review. I was surprised how good this was and how entertained I was. Check the special features, it shows how great Bale an actor is ;-)

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