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Just WOW, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean!
MovieAddict - wrote on 04/01/12

The story revolves around a Russian weapon called Goldeneye, which has the ability to knock out anything with an electrical circuit in a 30-mile radius. Bond has to do a lot to get this weapon back before it causes a global financial meltdown.

Pierce Brosnan is just perfect as James Bond who finds himself travelling to a newly capitalist Russia, where he has to deal for the first time with a female M, played wonderfully by Judi Dench, who makes no bones about calling OO7 a "sexist, misogynous dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War". Yes, times have indeed changed and now Bond is being bossed around by a WOMAN. Sean Bean is magnificent as the charismatic agent Alec Trevelyan aka 006. Famke Janssen plays bad girl Xenia Onatopp who has a very unique way of killing people. Her character was a little over-the-top as she revels in being a sensual, bloodthirsty monster but she pulled it off nicely. Izabella Scorupco makes a charming and endearing "good" Bond girl who's actually got a brain and is relevant to the plot. And who could forget the evil computer geek played by Alan Cumming?

I watched this one today and it holds up remarkably well and is heaps of fun. What’s not to like? It has a smooth soundtrack, great scenery, awesome action scenes, fast cars, a lot of guns, and beautiful women who are all over suave and sophisticated James Bond. Instead of having the classic car chase, this film has a great scene where Bond uses a tank to chase the bad guys and demolishes downtown Moscow in the process. Just one complaint though is Bond got a super cool car from Q that had a bunch of gadgets and he never uses it. Damn!

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