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All Good Things

A chilling unsolved mystery!
MovieAddict - wrote on 03/31/12

ALL GOOD THINGS is a movie based on real events surrounding the disappearance of Kathie McCormack (played by Kristen Dunst). She is married to Robert Durst (whose name is changed in the movie to David Marks, played by Ryan Gosling), the eldest son of a wealthy and politically connected NY real estate family. But David has some personal issues, believed to stem from a trauma at an early age when he witnessed his mother's tragic death. His only desire is to live a simple life with the warmhearted Katie but when his controlling father forces him to work in the part of the family business, the internal and external pressures undermine David's stability, and the couple's marriage deteriorates into distrust, substance abuse and physical assault - followed by Katie's suspicious disappearance. Nearly twenty years pass before someone decides to reopen the case after David has been connected to some other murders leading to an unsettling truth.

The movie's strength lies is the performance of Ryan Gosling who is excellent at playing a seemingly normal guy with major psychological issues. Frank Langella as the demanding tycoon father also turns in a good performance as does Lily Rabe, who is Gosling's childhood friend. A tough film to watch because it never gives us closure; the case remains unsolved.

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