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Jennifer's Body

Dark teenage comedy with elements of horror!
MovieAddict - wrote on 02/19/12

Jennifer's Body is a showcase for one thing, Megan Fox's body, but sadly that alone can't pull off a whole movie by itself unless it is porn. Still, she plays the self-centered teen very well used as a virginal sacrifice for a Satan worshiping band - lead by Adam Brody in hopes that they can become famous.
Except…things go ape when it’s revealed that Jennifer lied and is surprise surprise - not really a virgin! This result in her body being taken over by a demon who needs to eat a male every so often to sustain herself and it isn't long before some of the local horny lads begin to lose their hearts to Jennifer, literally. Amanda Seyfried plays "Needy" her nerdy best friend who starts to put 2 and 2 together and figures out something isn't quite right with her friend as she sets her sights next on Needy's cute, shaggy-haired sweetheart Chip (Johnny Simmons).

There are a few scares and creepy parts, but that aspect is nothing special. You'd think a writer named Diablo would know more about horror movies and devil worship.

Of course, a French kiss between the two female leads (an overrated scene in my opinion) is guaranteed to attract pre-pubescent boys looking for some steamy on-screen fun but the actual story, the actual film? Not really worth your time I'm afraid.

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