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Shoot 'Em Up

Shoot 'Em Up (2007)
MovieAddict - wrote on 01/21/12

"Is this guy really this good, or do we just suck?"

Clive Owen is awesome as Mr. Smith, a carrot crunching man who takes it upon himself to protect a baby from a ruthless assassin (Paul Giammati) and his infinite number of henchmen after he prevents a gunman from murdering a woman on the verge of giving birth and finds himself holding the baby when the mother is killed in the crossfire. What ensues is a glorious gun-fest and several shoot outs between Smith and various hit men hell bent on snuffing the child out. The baby is the offspring of the last surviving of three mothers impregnated to give birth to children so that they can donate their bone marrow to a seriously ill presidential candidate. Monica Bellucci is the lactating prostitude whom Owen bribes into assisting with the safe passage of a new born baby. Veggies as a weapon are rare in film but the combination of humor and over the top action sequences make this a fun visual bullet ballet. I mean who the hell wouldn't want to see a carrot wielding special ops.

Be warned the film is very violent, gory, sexy and has a dark sense of humor, so it`s not for all tastes or genteel sensibilities. A wild ride you can't help but enjoy!

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