OracleElizabeth's Movie Review of Grabbers

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Aliens invading? Let's all get drunk.
OracleElizabeth - wrote on 09/10/14

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I was expecting low quality acting and effects. To be honest I was also expecting it to be funnier but you can't have everything. The effects and props were actually not bad at all, the slime and effects with the creatures were above expectations. The acting also was above what I expected with this plot with likeable characters that managed to keep my interest in their plight. I would love to see both the lead actors in other movies since they seem to be above the norm for a movie such as this.

Now having said all that, it's not all that GREAT of a movie, but I would still say it's a pretty good movie. The incredibly small population of this island is stranded on the island with bad weather and a strictly carnivorous alien creature. Sounds like every low budge alien movie ever. Slight twist, alien creature is highly susceptible to poisoning by alcohol. The movie hits a lot of cliches but it does so in a way that says 'well yeah, they are cliches because human nature.' instead of 'cliches because we couldn't think of anything else.'.

This movie demands to be watched in a marathon with other similar movies with drinks and popcorn and friends who are also drinking. But watch it first so you can appreciate all the acting and effects.

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