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"Interstellar" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 06/30/15

A starving Earth ravaged by a ruined eco-system sends an expedition into a wormhole to another galaxy to search for a new home for the human race. Interstellar is the kind of film that just doesn't seem to get made any more. A story full of the grand themes of the human race's place in the universe, love and loss and the battle between short term self interest and the greater good all wrapped up in some truly glorious visuals and a stunning score makes for a sheer cinematic symphony. Matthew McConaughey's hugely engaging performance heading a cast of characters you truly care about exasperates once more at the course his career has taken up until this point, and a sense of epic wonderment makes you feel as if you are exploring strange new worlds right alongside them. A cynic could point at some obvious influences on the plot and the ending is a little "convenient" but this is a film whose whole far exceeds the sum of its parts. In turns gripping, emotional and completely immersive, in Interstellar Christopher Nolan has created something that contains everything I want in a film. More an experience than mere entertainment and a future classic.

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