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Prometheus (2012)

"Prometheus" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 12/25/12

When a team of scientists decipher what appears to be an ancient map to another world, an exploration vessel is dispatched to investigate in the hope of finding answers as to the origins of the human race. Opinions of Prometheus vary wildly and I suspect that this has a lot to do with how you approach it. Anyone expecting another Alien film will no doubt find it disappointing as the "alien" as we know it does not make an appearance; in fact the original Alien franchise was essentially a blend of action and thriller with a Gothic horror spin. Prometheus is a far more straight-edge sci-fi film that may not necessarily appeal to mainstream audiences but hardcore genre fans will find plenty of weighty questions and high concepts to enjoy. The cast is very strong but once again Michael Fassbender shows his star quality and steals the show. His portrayal of David continues the concept of "artificial people" with a similar moral ambiguity that began with Ash from the first film and he has a really nice aura of otherworldliness while still engaging the viewer. The horror aspects are not overplayed and Scott shows his consummate skill where it comes to creating atmosphere and building tension making for a nicely different experience from your average sci-fi blockbuster which displays the kind of originality that is sadly absent from the majority of modern cinema. An intriguing opening to a potentially exciting new direction for the idea.

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