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Kingdom of Heaven

"Kingdom Of Heaven" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 05/19/12

Another historical epic from Ridley Scott, this time set during the crusades. I won't waste time making a critique of the visuals because, well, it's Ridley Scott. As for the script, it's easier to make a straight comparison with Gladiator. Gladiator worked so well because it had a charismatic lead supported by an excellent cast of well rounded characters who existed within a believable world recreated through it's social and political background. None of this is in evidence here however. It's not that the dialogue or characterisation is bad, it's just there's not enough of it. Bloom is far too bland to be the kind of leading man to carry this kind of film, and whenever two characters started to converse, the dialogue was always limited to an exchange of a couple of soundbites before skimming over to the next insubstantial scene. The battle sequences are unsurprisingly brilliantly staged, but if you don't feel like you know the characters involved, it's very difficult to care who wins and so any emotional involvement evaporates. I'm probably being a little harsh as it is a perfectly well executed Hollywood hack and slasher; but I have come to expect a lot more from Mr. Scott. Therefore, it was a serious disappointment. No pleasing some people...

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