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Halloween (1978)

"Halloween" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 04/19/12

Michael Myers became an icon after the release of Halloween, which is still considered THE slasher movie. I think the reason Myers struck such a chord is because he was not some supernatural, super-powered demon from hell; just an institutionalised sociopath with absolutely no concept of right or wrong. When he kills his victims, it is not with gleeful malevolence, hacking them to bits with violent fervor; he's more like a little boy pulling the wings off an insect. But it's Donald Pleasence (who is really the only "proper" actor on display) as Dr. Loomis that makes the film. A criminal psychiatrist who is clearly terrified of his charge is a powerful image. It's very difficult to take slasher movies seriously these days, and it has dated rather badly. The vast number of imitators, spoofs, post-modern "re-inventions", not to mention it's own increasingly dreadful sequels have seriously diluted the impact of the film, and the Japanese have definitely surpassed Hollywood when it comes to quality horror. But this is the original, and still easily one of the best.

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