Yojimbo's Movie Review of Hancock

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"Hancock" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 03/26/12

Hancock is a superhero. He's also a bum and a drunk. Until one day he saves the life of a PR guru who sets about helping him change his image. This film is an odd one. The fact that it stars Will Smith and is packed with SFX also belies the fact it has quite a quirky "indie" feel to it, and Jason Bateman's presence certainly adds to this. It's actually a great premise; the whole idea that just because someone has super powers doesn't mean they can't be a waster and the first half of the film has a lot of very funny, inventive moments to the point where I was convinced I was seeing a future favourite. Unfortunately half way through it abandons the original idea and throws in a ridiculous back story and excuse for his existence which to be honest, I didn't really feel it needed. It could've just concentrated on the character and been a whole lot better. In fact it reminded me a little of I Am Legend in that it starts off with a great idea that seemed to have a point to make about the human condition, but it suddenly changes direction and the message gets lost in a sea of CGI and clumsy plotting. But also like I Am Legend, while it's good it's great and any film that contains the line "Did you take a man's head, and stick it up another man's ass?" gets my vote!

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