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The Conversation

"The Conversation" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 03/20/12

An obsessive surveillance expert becomes convinced that a sound recording he has made could result in the murder of a young couple. The Conversation is a very, very clever film. It's got the kind of intelligent, original "twist in the tale" premise that Christopher Nolan has made his own and technically it's marvellous. A really creative use of sound design and artful direction from Coppola is augmented by an excellent central performance by Hackman making for a film that has much to be admired. The main problem is the detachment and sterility of the subject matter. It's very difficult to warm to such an emotionally cold and compulsive central character and as such it's all a little uninvolving; you can see exactly WHY Coppola made all the creative choices he did but that does not necessarily mean it's an entertaining film to sit through. Very enjoyable on an intellectual level, but light entertainment The Conversation is not.

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