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Blood Work

"Blood Work" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 03/09/12

A retired FBI agent investigates the murder of the woman whose heart he received in a transplant operation. Clint continues the theme of tough guys dealing with old age he began in In The Line Of Fire and completed with Gran Torino. The ridiculous premise of this tired bag of genre cliches is just the first of many laughably familiar contrivances that leads to the film feeling like a parody of itself; this is one of those films you spend watching the bumbling cops and shouting "Have you never SEEN a serial killer movie??!" It's absurdly predictable from beginning to end, from the blatant identity of the killer (because he is, as ever, the one you are supposed to least suspect) to the ludicrous love interest and finale in which Mr Psycho kidnaps Clint's nearest and dearest and tries to mow him down with an assault rifle even though he has spent the rest of the film taking such extreme pains to keep him alive. The clues are all dangled in front of the audience's nose with clumsy flashbacks and some of the dialogue (particularly during the painful love scene) is cringeworthy. Clint's reliability both in front of and behind the camera keeps it the right side of watchable (just) but there are a lot of very similar SK movies that are much better than this.

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