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Babylon A.D.

"Babylon A.D." by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 02/29/12

A mercenary in a distopian near future is employed to deliver a mysterious young woman to New York. Babylon AD plays out as a kind of Children Of Men meets Mad Max clone as Diesel does his usual laconic tough guy routine in the company of the impossibly cute Melanie Thierry and the ever watchably graceful Michelle Yeoh. In fact the slick visuals and entertaining action underpinned by an intriguingly enigmatic premise meant I was struggling to see why this film recieved such a savage pasting by the critics. And then it just...ends. No, ends is not the right word. It stops. No explanantions, no revelations. It just stops. Dead. In such a way that flew through the "Is that it?!" barrier, sailed over "WTF???" territory and lands firmly in "You've got to be f***ing kidding me." land. The fact that anyone involved in this project thought they could get away with releasing what amounts to nothing more than a sci-fi action clip show shows such an astonishing lack of respect for the intelligence of the viewing public it borders on contempt. Pure smoke and mirrors with absolutely NOTHING to back it up.

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