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"Cronos" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 02/19/12

A device created to prolong life by a 16th century alchemist falls into the possession of an elderly antiques dealer, but when he is accidentally "bitten", it transforms him into an unkillable creature who thirsts for human blood. Guillermo Del Toro's first feature is a low budget horror that puts a new spin on vampire mythologoy. This creature of the night is an unwilling victim, and finds his new condition a curse he wants to be released from. It contains many of what would become Del Toro's trademarks, namely the intricate golden clockwork of the device, the mix of gore and artful visuals, and the innocent eyes of a child through which these macabre events are seen. Unfortunately it has a similar feeling to many of Cronenberg's early works in that it has a strong central premise, but feels half finished; disappointingly, we don't really see or learn much about the device itself and the ideas seem to dry up as the film goes on. Like the debuts of Raimi and Rodriguez, it points the way to the potential of the director, but a little more maturity and the financial backing to realise his vision is what was required to make the leap into the big leagues. Interesting, but incomplete.

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