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Minority Report

"Minority Report" by Yojimbo
Yojimbo - wrote on 12/16/11

An experimental police unit that uses precognitive "seers" to prevent murders from being committed before they happen has to hunt one of its own when its commander appears in one of the visions gunning down a complete stranger. Steven Spielberg's pedigree shines through in yet another sci-fi based upon a tale by Philip K. Dick, containing many of his familiar ingredients, including time paradox, the concept of free will versus destiny and the ethics and morality of technology. These heady concepts are interwoven with Hollywood hi-tec imagery and blockbuster set pieces to produce a flashy, mainstream action film with far more intelligence than most. It's true that the film gets a little bogged down from time to time as Spielberg gets a little too carried away with his own effects budget and it takes itself a little too seriously for its own good, but the slick production design and his own uncanny knack for pacing and entertainment always keeps the twisting, turning plot on track. Clearly influenced by Blade Runner, it may not be the measure of Ridley Scott's classic, but thanks to some solid writing and fine performances it's still a damn fine entry into the sci-fi pantheon and probably Tom Cruise's best effort to date.

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