gzn's Movie Review of Hereafter

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Adds Nothing to the Conversation
gzn - wrote on 05/19/12

Sadly this film adds nothing to the conversation. Matt Damon plays his part well and was the only character I had any feelings about at all. Despite the perceived risk of crossing continents, to focus purely on Caucasian Christian milieu negated that risk. It dragged along without narrative drive or plot tension, and the absolutely horrible and glaring clunks, such as the Dicken's tourist guide speaking of Edward Drood rather than Edwin Drood slowed even further the barely moving pace. There were no recognisable human traits to resonate with. The girl from the cooking class, apart from being really annoying did not offer a character we could sympathise with. To feel for the boy you had to work really hard in between getting irritated at a funeral in which the ashes miraculously appear minutes afterwards, rather than the days it actually takes, or foster parents who act as if they have never met a child before. To care about a supposedly hard-nosed and edgy journalist who is surprised that her publishers don't want her to write a different book to the one she pitched, or who gets angsty about her good-for-nothing lover not buying his kids gifts? Sorry - epic fail on all levels except Matt Damon's acting.

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