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9th Company ( 9 rota )

9th Company: A Gem Hidden from Western Eyes
rohndra - wrote on 11/23/11

Probably the greatest war movie ever filmed. Unlike Saving Private Ryan this based on a true story film is about a group of Soviet paratroopers defending Hill 3234 from an onslaught of Mujahideen forces. The scenes of the landscape of both Uzbekistan and Afghanistan are breathtaking and the film does a good job of making you like the characters in it. It focuses in on the "war is hell" kind of aspect, the Soviets win the battle but in the end pull out of Afghanistan and the country they gave their lives for would end in just 3 years. The action and soundtrack as also exceptional especially the theme for the film. The ending was moving enough to make me shed a few tears. A word of caution though their is full nudity and a sex scene so this isn't much of a film to watch with little children. Still in the end just another prime example of foreign filmmakers making better war films than your average American war film. I have recommended it to a few friends and they can attest to the greatness of the film.

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