Seb's Movie Review of The Joneses

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The Joneses

Interesting topic, nicely packaged.
Seb - wrote on 11/20/11

This movie seems to be in the same sort of category as 'thank you for smoking'. Another movie that has a moral, although not as strongly pointed out.
This is also the biggest issue I have with this movie. Although I enjoyed to watch it, the category in which to place this movie isn't very clear. The genre is supposed to be 'comedy and drama' and sure it has some funny moments but I wouldn't call it a comedy. There are some dramatic and romantic events in the movie but it wouldn't do the movie justice to describe it as a 'drama'. The most interesting thing about this movie is the underlying moral, how modern-day advertising works and how consumerism determines our everyday lives.
The packaging around this topic has been done well, instead of turning it in yet another documentary it is well watchable as a movie. The humor, romance and issues in the 'family' keep it going.

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