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The Breed (2006)

Mans Best Friend Bites Your Head Off
Matthew Sanchelli - wrote on 09/24/07

Now when I rate this movie as being 'good' I mean so in the aspect of it pretty much holding all of the aspects that I look to respect within a movie.

Largely, I think they really pulled off good and enjoyable character development with each of the characters (main characters at least); and the acting was decent and natural. Well, the beginning two actors for the opening scene was pretty bad in my book.....but the rest of the acting was believable and likable. I can't say I was deeply concerned for the well-being of each person...but I enjoyed her person's personality and contribution to the group.

This movie wasn't so much a scary, horror...jump out of your seat flick. It was more so a "What If?" Meaning....what if you went to a remote island with some friends and ended up getting attacked by genetically engineered trained attack dogs?

The thing I respected the most though about this movie is that they didn't go uber-sci fi with it. The didn't show some sort of creation of the dogs; they used real dogs (no CGI in this movie)....all the FX were practical; which I love in movies! As much as I enjoy special effect galore movies...I will always love and respect a movie that does everything practically.

All in all....

not you're typical "horror movie", especially with Wes Craven's name attached to it; but it's still an enjoyable film if you actually like getting to know each character. It's more of a character piece really than horror flick. Think Cabin Fever....but without a lot of the gore and sex; but you actually get to know each person where you may begin to care if they live or die.

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