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Tjommi - wrote on 08/07/12

I have to be honest I only watched this movie because I didn't have anything else to do, but I have to say that I am glad I did. I was very sceptical before I started watching it because of the horrible reviews that many on this site had given it. I am glad that I saw it anyway.

Ok people are different and look for different things in a movie. I love supernatural themed movies, and the further away from reality it is, the more I like it. For me it's enough that the movie got a good story, good script good actors and sound and music that lift the movie up. Come to think about it that might be a little demanding but there you go. This movie had all that.

Some people didn't like some of the cheezy dialogue lines, I personally didn't care. I though it brought charm to the characters and I have heard alot worse expressions in youth culture where they try to find their own way of speaking. There have been complained about teenage sex. This leaves me puzzled. Yes it was present, but I was actually surpriced after reading that how tastefully it was all filmed. No unnecceary nakedness at all. no silly boob shots, and even when Jennifer rise from the water totally naked it's filmed in a way that Megan Fox is left with her honour intact. Now this isn't really a very scary movie, as there are very chilling moments or scares that make you jump in your seat, however it's a very entertaining movie with plenty of gore and it got a entertaining story.

I really liked this movie, and it fully deserves the 3 stars I gave it, because this is a good movie, and if you haven't seen it allready it's worth the watch.

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