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A vision, a dream and a journey of art film making
sreekirch - wrote on 10/06/12

Grade: B+
How many enigmatic films Nolan has presented. I count from insomnia, prestige, and now inception. The fact is clear from Nolan. People please use your brains. Inception is a dream movie. Well it might seem simple. But Nolan converts a simple dream movie into a challenging riveting action film, with lots of thinking. Not only is the story, but the characters are also compelling. DiCaprio plays Cobb a specialist who can protect ideas generated in someone’s mind. Wait a minute. Is it very complex? Yes. But we do not have to worry. Nolan explains everything going in the movie. So there are no awe ooh moments in the film. DiCaprio fits in the job. There is a team he leads and now it is not a simple job, but its inception. It is planting an idea in someone’s mind. How they are gonna do that? Nolan answers.

The plot is about Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) a family man who has lost his wife Mal (Marion Cottilard) because of a grave mistake he commited. Cobb is forced to accept inception, and starts assembling his team members mainly Joseph Lewitt and Tom Hardy. They have to change the mind of tycoon’s son played by Cillian Murphy, to break empire. A business deal with an intricate plot. Nolan is the best crafter I have seen. His visions are extra ordinary and really delivers a movie that is debatable after leaving the cinema hall.

This is not a normal popcorn film that displays, cataclysm, CGI surprises and happy climax. Inception is an art in film making. To say anything beyond this, will mess things up. Just no further thinking, go watch inception. I guarentee, that nothing can come on par with Nolan’s vision. For example topsy turvy road and zero gravity scenes are surely complicated scenarios. But the great thing, about this movie is that despite too many side characters, Nolan crafts a visual wonder. It is both thrilling and exceptionally visionary.

Artful bold charming enigmatic film gaining imagination lavishly made on provocative perpetual scintillating tempo, with visionary zeal

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