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Minority Report

Perfect thriller
sreekirch - wrote on 12/21/11

“Sometimes in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark”, a quote mentioned in the movie, reveals the fact that the science and technology has developed to such extent that even mistakes can occur and every one living has to face the dark first. Minority Report directed by Steven Spielberg (fame for A.I, Jurassic Park), alongside written by Jon Cohen which is adapted from a short story by Philip K. Dick. The movie casts Tom Cruise accompanied with Colin Firth. There are many British actors in the flick, supporting or rejecting cruise.

The concept is all about a future where criminals are caught, before they commit the crime. The so called Prescribe division developed in Columbia city has evidenced the best results. Chief John Anderton (Tom cruise) is an expert in finding the murderer at the right time before the murder occurs. The only problem is with the location. But chief has certain clever assistants to track the location. After many such incidences, one day John finds himself doing the murder. He has no explanations for this. He starts running berserk and the cops are after him. He is chased by Danny Witwer( Colin firth ), a secret member of justice under whom the precrime is now being audited. After many of chases, John lands in a place where he gets a solution from an aged woman, Dr.Hineman(Lois Smith ). She asks John to take the minority report from precogs , which are three in number and one of them is Agatha ( Samantha Morton ). Now John takes Agatha , and finds a mysterious truth of Agatha and the movie now takes a turn as the real murderer is alive out there, and a fake is being kept to fool the precrime and precogs. How John finds the problem and solves the case is all about to be watched?

Character Development is quite brilliant. John Anderton has different shades in the movie. At first we see him as an expert moving crime slides, zooming areas and finding the problem. We see him as a family man trying to recollect his past, by viewing recorded discs, we see him as a troubled person when he is convicted. Like wise many shades are seen and the character development is quite perfect. Colin firth is just too good. At first we see him as a bad guy, but later we see him as the real person who solved the case of rippled water. Quite brilliant there and he is the man in the movie. Samantha Morton is the character of a precog, who is worried and has a hope in eyes when she sees John. John’s wife is also quite good and has an important role in the movie. Precrime director Max Von Sydow has an important role in the movie. He is aged man giving instructions to John. Rest others have their important roles.

Performances are quite brilliant. Tom cruise is very good as the chief and also suitable as the worried person who is been framed as convict. He has also a good family story in between where he sheds his emotions. Samantha morton is another perfect in the movie. She is looking worried and always has a sign of hope that he can do it. Colin firth has got an important role, and he performed the best he can. Max Von sydow is quite good in his role. Rest others are enough with their performances.

Presentation in the movie is quite visual. There are loads of visual effects, intelligent action scenes, and great camera work during the stunts. Cinematography captures the future quite greatly. Music in the movie looks a bit odd. But otherwise everything was quite fine. Editing in the movie is good and other departments favor the best.

Bottom line: Great script, perfect acting, and outsmarted clever direction. I give A+
What it lacked? Nothing

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