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Abandoned, The ( Confines, The )

The Abandoned
dukeakasmudge - wrote on 02/27/17

The Abandoned was a good movie up until the end.It had a good & creepy vibe to it the entire time that had me on the edge of my seat wondering *What is in the basement?!* When I found out, I was like, That's it??!! This movie had great potential but it was totally ruined by a stupid plot twist & an even lousier ending.It felt like when somebody gives you a present, you're excited to open it but once you do & find out what's inside isn't what you hoped it was or wanted, that's the feeling I had, that feeling of disappointment.It felt like what they were going for in the end was something different but it failed & ended up screwing up the entire movie.Would I recommend somebody go see it? I don't know.I think it was a movie that's worth watching once but not more than once.I know I'll never watch it again.If you have a chance to see it for free, go for it but if you have to pay, forget about it.It's not worth paying for.I'm so happy I didn't have to pay to see it & feel sorry for anybody that did

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